What We're All About

Edulaunch is a subscription based online textbook used for computer classes in schools nationwide. Our unique project based lessons approach, allows students to learn how to use industry standard software while creating gradable projects. Also provided to instructors are grading rubrics, questions that can be used for quizzes or tests and additional project ideas. Edulaunch has a variety of courses and allows customers to subscribe only to the courses they need.

Some of our Features:

  • Project based, step by step lessons filled with status checks and video demos you can pause, rewind and watch as many times as you like.
  • Grading rubrics for all project lessons
  • Test & Quiz questions in both PDF and Microsoft Word formats
  • Detailed course outline listing skills taught and estimated completion times
  • EduLaunch never goes out of date, lessons are updated new versions of software is released.
  • Students can login from home
  • EduLaunch teaches valuable technology skills
  • Get started quickly, all orders are processed and logins delivered within 48 hours

Brighten your Classroom with Gradeable Projects your Students Enjoy

Students will place themselves in a magazine cover, create a personal business card, video commercials, visual effects, and more! EduLaunch project based lessons are both structured and open-ended at the same time. This allows student to be graded by the same standards while leaving room for creative expression. Projects are designed to mirror real world projects while still containing a flair of fun enjoyed by young people.

Learn Industry Standard Design Software

Students will learn to create projects using software programs from the Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, InDesign, and more. These are the top programs used worldwide in any business that creates documents for printing, graphics, web sites, animations, videos and more. Competency in these programs not only will help students in their other classes, but more importantly it makes them immediately employable in a variety of businesses.