We provide complete course materials for high school media courses. Our step by step project-based lessons, grading rubrics, and test/quiz questions were written by actual classroom teachers and tested by students nationwide.

Some teachers think of us as an online textbook, using our materials from start to finish. Others use our course work in conjunction with their current curriculum.  We offer course work for the two most popular high school media topics taught today...

Digital Art w/ Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

The basics of Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator are covered in this course.  This provides a solid foundation for students wishing to pursue digital art.   Approximate completion time - 18 weeks.

Digital Art w/Photopea and Gravit

This course uses the browser-based Photopea and Gravit to teach a solid foundation for students wishing to pursue digital art.   Approximate completion time - 16 weeks.

Video Production w/Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

Our Video Production course materials are used in classes such as Video Production, Campus TV News, Visual Communications and Television and Film Production. This course covers television and film history, basics of lighting, shooting and recording audio, production of campus TV news programs and the basics of Adobe's Premiere and After Effects.  This is a full year course.

Animation w/Adobe Animate

This course teaches you the basics of frame by frame and automated animation with the 2020 version of Adobe Animate.  Approximate completion time - 16 weeks.

Print Layout and Design w/Adobe InDesign

Learn the industry's top software used to create yearbooks, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, flyer and more.  Approximate completion time - 14 weeks.